Three Delightful Bakeries in Elk Grove Village

Chocolate donut with a to-go coffee

If you’re searching for cakes, pastries, and other flavorful baked goods, you don’t need to look far from home. Within several miles of our apartments in Elk Grove Village, you’ll find high-quality bakeries that offer curbside pickups or deliveries.

Jarosch Bakery

As a family-owned business that bakes all its products from scratch, Jarosch Bakery has been serving Elk Grove Village since 1959. Along with gorgeous decorated cakes, they offer a wide assortment of other baked goods, including colorful cookies and delectable pastries. If you want to add even more enjoyment to a cup of coffee, order their coffee cakes, which come in an impressive variety of flavors. They also offer bread and buns baked fresh every day.  To enjoy their products, you can arrange for a delivery or make use of pickup services.

Pastry House Hippo

Operating since 1985, Pastry House Hippo is located in Mitsuwa Marketplace, a Japanese supermarket in nearby Arlington Heights. Among the bakery’s many products are familiar items such as freshly baked bread, danishes, croissants, and cheesecake. They also offer unique baked goods that are a part of Japanese cuisine. Their assortment of kashi pan (sweet buns) includes buns decorated with cute faces or shaped into animals. Another benefit to buying from them is their commitment to zero trans fats and unhealthy additives in their food. Open daily, they’re currently offering curbside pickup.

Nutphree’s Bakery

Whether you’re ordering cupcakes, cookies, cakes, or donuts, Nutphree’s Bakery offers nut-free products. This means no peanuts or tree nuts in their baked goods or in their facilities. (Plus, they stay free of fish, shellfish, and sesame.) You’re also promised delicious flavors and, especially for their more decorative desserts, a beautiful presentation. Currently, you can rely on their curbside pickup services. Elk Grove Village is also home to plenty of vegan restaurants for those with other dietary restrictions.

When living in our Elk Grove Village apartments, you’ll be close to a variety of bakeries serving products made with skill and care. For more questions about Willow Crossing Apartments and our local area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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