Test Your Critical Thinking Skills at an Escape Room Near Elk Grove Village

escape room challenge

Did you know that escape rooms got their start online?

Japan was the first country to popularize real-life escape games, and soon the craze spread around the world.

At most escape rooms, teams have just sixty minutes to solve challenging clues that will lead to the key to escape. 

If you would like to give an escape room a try, the best ones near Elk Grove Village include:

D.O.A. Room Escape

At D.O.A, all of the rooms are based on actual historical events. Every wall is a replica of the original location, and the props are as close to authentic as possible.

Those new to escape rooms will want to try The Fire. It’s 1871, and you’re visiting friends when suddenly the Great Chicago Fire is threatening the city. Can you and your friends save valuable artifacts before escaping?

Exit Strategy Games 

After playing more than twenty escape room games, the owner of Exit Strategy Games set out to build his own. He has two locations including here in Elk Grove Village, and teams are never paired with strangers. 

The rooms are full of detail including The Torture Chamber. You’re locked in the torture chamber of a notorious serial killer, and a previous victim left you clues to escape in her dying moments. Can you solve them before the killer returns? 


The games at Escapeocity take players back to a time when there were no computers or cell phones. 

Le Resistance is recommended for two to eight players, and it features a mix of logic puzzles, hidden objects, and locked boxes. An undercover French resistance codebreaker has disappeared during WWII. She missed a planned secret meeting fourteen days ago and hasn’t been heard from. Can you search her apartment to determine her whereabouts and complete her mission?

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