Explore Spring Valley Park

When you live in Elk Grove Village, you can find plenty of places to spend relaxing time in nature. Spring Valley Park offers a popular refuge from the busy pace of modern life.

Trail Map and Guide

Spring Valley contains 135 acres of pristine land, featuring marshes, forests, fields, and streams. When you visit, help preserve these ecosystems by sticking to one of the existing trails.

As you check out the trail map, you can scope out which path might be your preferred route. The Illinois Habitats Trail will take you through wetland, woodland, and prairie habitats on a walk clocking in at 1.5 miles. Or, you can experience a different sort of journey on the Footprints on the Land Trail, which brings you on a low-tech time travel experience, as you read the interpretive signs and learn about the relationship between humans and the land over previous eras.

Heritage Farm

If you want another way to step into the past, you can visit the working 1880s heritage farm on site at Spring Valley.  

This experience permits you to play the part of a person living in a rural German farm community. You can visit with the livestock or even help with farm chores, if you are so inclined. Throughout the site, you’ll be greeted by interpreters wearing authentic attire from the era, making this truly a one-of-a-kind local experience.

Your experience at Heritage Farm comes free of charge for most of the year. Rarely, there might be a special event at the farm that requires an admission fee.

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