Explore the Thriving Outdoor Farmers Market in Elk Grove Village

A masked woman holding a basket while shopping at a local farmers market

Every Saturday, Elk Grove Village proudly hosts its farmers market, where the community comes together to support local farms and local businesses, and also to simply enjoy some time out of the house. The weekly farmers market is located just minutes from our premier apartments in Elk Grove Village. Discover all the market has to offer with these highlights.  

Food Staples and Local Vendors

Head over to the Elk Grove Farmers Market every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. There you will find meat, fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and chutneys, freshly baked bread, muffins, cookies, and pastries, spices, and more.

According to Elk Grove Village’s official website, vendors are taking every precaution. They will be wearing masks and also asking their customers to please wear face coverings as well. There will also be hand sanitizer stations available at appropriate intervals. 

Farmer Nick’s

Find a variety of steak cuts at Farmer Nick’s right by the entrance. Choose from filets, sirloins, New York strips, T-bone steaks, and rib-eye cuts. Farmer Nick is just one of many vendors selling fresh, locally sourced food. 

Gourmet Treats

Treat yourself! Satisfy your sweet tooth with Simplistic Treats‘ USA Bar, layers of strawberry, blueberry, and coconut filling covered in mouth-watering chocolate. If you prefer something salty, then stop by Martha’s Gourmet Popcorn for cheddar cheese, flaming hot cheddar, or garlic parmesan-flavored popcorn. Purchase macarons, baked goods, donuts, or a bag of the finest locally roasted coffee.  

Odds and Ends

Not hungry? No problem! Browse fresh flowers, candles, handcrafted jewelry, kitchen accessories, knives, and more. You can even pick up preservative- and additive-free treats for your dog. Whatever your interests, there is something for you at the farmers market. 

Get out and explore. Buy fresh produce and support local farms, savor tasty treats, or buy something nice to spruce up your apartment. Also, visit our blog for more ideas. Don’t miss out on the vibrant community near our Willow Crossing Apartments. If you’d like more information, then contact us!

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