Experience the Nature Preserves near Elk Grove Village

The long, warm days of summer encourage us to spend a little extra time outdoors. Connecting with the outdoors at nature preserves near Elk Grove Village not only makes us feel great, but it also affords lasting benefits that linger long after our open-air excursions come to an end. Such benefits include:

  • greater reported feelings of well-being and happiness
  • increased self-esteem, positive risk-taking, and creativity 
  • important health outcomes including more rapid recovery from illnesses

Whether you plan to head outside for your health or you’re unplugging just for fun, here are some idyllic nature preserves to enjoy this season.

Ned Brown Preserve

Boasting over 1 million visitors annually, Ned Brown Preserve, popularly known as Busse Woods, offers something for everyone. The Busse Woods Trail provides 11.2 miles of paved terrain, guiding walkers, joggers, and bikers through a varied landscape. Seasoned anglers can launch their crafts or fish from the shore, while novice boaters can rent canoes and rowboats by the hour for use on the preserve’s 460-acre lake. There are also extensive picnic groves and vast open meadows, perfect for flying a kite. 

Paul Douglas Forest Preserve

Comprised of vast acreage containing a mixture of open grasslands and extensive wetlands, Paul Douglas Forest Preserve is a bird watcher’s paradise. The preserve provides important breeding grounds for a wide variety of bird species, and it even contains a heron rookery, where these majestic birds nest on platforms along the marsh. Enjoy the spectacular wildlife views while traversing the preserve’s 7.2-mile paved trail system on bike or foot. 

Wherever your adventurous spirit takes you this season, Willow Crossing is a place you’ll be glad to call home. From our convenient location to our extensive amenities, we offer a community that will suit your lifestyle.  Contact us to learn more or to schedule a tour today. 

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