Laugh Aloud with These Comedy Podcasts

Comedy is one of the biggest podcasting genres. Comedy podcasts provide easy listening while you work or relax in your home at Marquette at Willow Crossing Apartments. When you’re ready for some laughs, here are a few comedy podcasts you don’t want to miss.

Wooden Overcoats 

Wooden Overcoats tells the story of Rudyard and Antigone Funn. Siblings, they own the only funeral home in town. But when competitor, Eric Chapman, opens one across the street, they hatch a plan to save their family business. All while Antigone pretends not to have feelings for Eric. Wooden Coats has gained recognition from Time and Forbes, and each 30-minute episode builds upon the last. 

Song Salad 

Join Scott and Shannon as they tempt the salad spinner of fate. Every week, they randomly pick a song style before hitting “random article” on Wikipedia to get their topic. The duo learns more about both before smashing them together to create a hilarious tune. You’ll laugh aloud as their combinations range from Celtic pop tunes about windmills to grindcore songs about the fjords of Greenland. Song Salad can be enjoyed wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Alba Salix, Royal Physician 

Alba Salix, Royal Physician, is a comedic/fantasy/drama podcast that follows Alba on her plight to look after her patients. She has an endless lineup of them, along with a bickering king and queen to please. Fortunately, help is on the way. But Alba may not be so lucky. The help is coming from an accident-prone fairy herbalist and a troublesome ex-monk and aspiring surgeon. This podcast is filled with rapid-fire jokes that will keep you laughing from beginning to end. 

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