The Best Year-round Hiking Trails Around Elk Grove Village

a couple hiking in Elk Grove Village

Hiking is a great way to disconnect from technology while connecting with nature.

If you would like to take to the trails, the best year-round choices near Elk Grove Village include:

Gander Mountain Forest Preserve

Gander Mountain is home to the highest natural elevation in Lake County. The preserve was created between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago by the retreat of the Laurentide glacier which once covered five million square feet. Visitors can enjoy a challenging hike to the top of a 125-foot hill where they’re rewarded with picturesque views of the Fox River in the valley below.

Fort Sheridan Loop Trail

Spanning 1.9 miles, the Fort Sheridan Loop Trail offers a fun adventure for all athletic abilities. Surrounded by land shaped by the forces of glaciation and erosion, it’s where hikers can see an array of wildlife while learning about Fort Sheridan’s story through self-guided educational exhibits.

Volo Bog Interpretive Trail

The Volo Bog Interpretive area is a 1,150-acre wetland that was named a National Natural Landmark in 1973. The interpretive trail covers 3.7 miles and crosses marshes, prairies, forests, and old fields. The views are stunning throughout the year, and the path is known for offering one of the most unique hikes in Illinois.

Crabtree Nature Center Trail

At the Crabtree Nature Center, hikers can explore a 2.5-mile trail that meanders through prairie, woodland, and wetland. It is surrounded by towering oak trees, and ducks are often spotted swimming in the water. Hiking here during the winter months brings solitude broken by the calls of the various bird species that frequent the grounds.

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