See the Stars at Adler Planetarium

If you want to enjoy some out-of-this-world fun, then head to the Adler Planetarium. Whether you’re fascinated by objects in our own solar system or beyond, you’ll find plenty to explore. Adler opened in 1930, making it the first planetarium in the western hemisphere, and its mission is to connect people to the universe and […]

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Meet Friends for Delicious Japanese Cuisine near Elk Grove Village

Sushi rolls arranged on a wooden tray with chopsticks

If you would like to enjoy the flavors of Japan without having to dust off your passport, visit one of the following restaurants where the chefs prepare everything from dragon rolls to teriyaki chicken: Bistro Dragon  The Bistro Dragon is where Executive Chef Chen prepares innovative dishes using the finest ingredients. He has studied Japanese […]

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Find Delicious Cuisine at an Asian-Inspired Restaurant Nearby

asian food

Elk Grove Village is full of delectable delights, from casual coffee bistros to gourmet Italian restaurants. There’s something for every taste bud out there. But when you get that craving for the sweet, savory, and spicy flavors that combine uniquely with Asian flare, these three local restaurants are unbeatable. Happy Elephant  Just across the street […]

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